Satin lined wig cap, stocking wig cap.

Ankara convertible dress, African print skirt
The Morenikeji convertible jean-ankara dress
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This satin lined wig cap was handmade by me because I grew tired of how nylon wig caps left my hair dry after wearing wigs for a while.
I then decided to line my nylon wig caps with satin because not only did it keep my hair most, it reduced breakage by snagging.
At first I thought it would slip a lot but I wore it for a while and even wore it to bed and it did not slip off my head once!
As a result of that, I wanted to share this product with every wig user out there and that is why it is on here.

This satin lined wig cap has a lot of stretch due to the first layer of nylon headband, and keeps your hair flat. It helps your wig lay flat and look super natural.
The mannequin head in the photograph above has an head circumference of 22.5 inches.
The satin lining would be either black or brown. For nude caps, it will always be brown.

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This is a personal product and can not be returned, so please ask me all questions necessary before you purchase. Thank you so much!

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Black, Brown, Nude


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