Satin scrunchies for curly natural hair, 3 pack set

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Pack of 3 Satin hair scrunchies, colorful girl scrunchies, gift set for mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, best friend.

Beautiful colorful scrunchies made from authentic Satin fabric
It is perfect for natural hair as it prevents your hair from snagging.
When lain flat, it has a circumference of 10 inches and length 3 and half inches.
You can write a note to me if you want specifics like the type of color you want or if you want it bigger than the stipulated dimensions.

It is a thoughtful gift for birthdays, bridesmaids, mothers’ day , and so on.

You can put in the set of three you want, same colors, different colors, whatever variation of threes you want. Bigger size, smaller size, wider, whatever your PREFERENCES are. If you want none, leave blank. Thank you!


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