• A standout Italian Orange Cashmere Jacket that marries luxury with bold design.
  • Crafted from the finest Mulberry Italian Orange Cashmere, offering a soft, warm, and high-quality feel.
  • The jacket is fully lined with satin fabric, ensuring comfort and smooth wear.
  • Accented with our unique wave print organza fabric designed by Alphonso Smith, adding a dramatic and unique touch to the jacket.
  • Features a button-down front, offering versatility in style – button it up for a sleek look or leave it open for a casual, flowy style.
  • The jacket comes with pockets, blending functionality with fashion.
  • The sleeves showcase the beautiful wave fabric, adding a dramatic flair to the overall design.
  • This piece is more than a jacket, it’s a fashion statement, designed to make you stand out in any setting.
  • Perfect for those who appreciate high-quality materials, unique designs, and aren’t afraid to make a bold fashion statement.

Kindly note that all our fashion pieces are handmade and custom-designed. Please allow 14-21 days for your order to be processed and delivered. Thank you for your patience and understanding