About Us

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DSC_8986-scaled (1)

According to the words of Sri Chinmoy: we believe that “Unity in Diversity is God’s supreme secret in His Cosmic Game”. At Yelestitches, we use the wealth of Cultural diversity to come up with ingenious designs that speak to the World’s unity.

Our patterns, creatives, and styles are a blend of African and western culture. We break the walls of differences helping our customers around the world to express their unique lifestyle through fashion and design.

We put your needs first and seek to give you a look that transcends your cultural niche whilst speaking to the ends of the earth.

Yelestitches is beyond a global clothing brand, we give each of our clients not just a look of elegance but unity, love, and excellence.

Kindly note that all our fashion pieces are handmade and custom-designed. Please allow 14-21 days for your order to be processed and delivered. Thank you for your patience and understanding