• Unique slight V-neckline created by pleated Adire sequin pink fabric and African print brocade.
  • Butterfly couture sleeves adding a touch of modern sophistication.
  • Versatile organza veil that beautifully transitions into a train, graced with Adire patterns.
  • Flattering mermaid silhouette with a structured bodice and flare at the hem.


  • High-quality African print brocade renowned for its durability and luxe texture.
  • Adire sequin fabric in pink and white, meticulously handcrafted for a bespoke touch.
  • Soft, translucent organza for the veil, offering a delicate sheen and flow.

Cultural Significance:

  • Adire, a traditional Yoruba hand-dyed fabric, infuses the dress with cultural heritage, symbolizing the artistry and history of African craftsmanship.
  • The brocade pattern echoes the rich textures found in African attire, embracing the continent’s spirit.

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean only to preserve the fabric’s intricate details and sequin embellishments.
  • Store in a garment bag to protect the organza veil from snags and dust.

Style Tip:

  • Pair this dress with minimalistic gold or pearl jewelry to accentuate its intricate patterns.
  • For the ceremony, let the organza veil drape gracefully behind; at the reception, wrap it around the arms for an enchanting butterfly sleeve effect.

This Yele wedding gown is a testament to the fusion of cultural legacy and contemporary design, perfect for brides seeking a gown that tells a story as unique as their own.