• Festivity Adire Print: The Adire fabric showcases a lively festivity print with symbols representing joy and communal gatherings.
  • Bishop Sleeves: Dramatic bishop sleeves add a touch of grandeur and movement to the silhouette.
  • Pearl Rhinestone Embellishments: Delicately placed pearl rhinestones along the button line and sleeves infuse the outfit with an understated yet glamorous allure.
  • Crepe and Adire Draped Skirt: A harmonious blend of soft pink crepe and Adire festivity print on the skirt’s waistline, artistically draped for a flattering and modern look.
  • Unique Fabric Fusion: Adire accents on the collar, button line, and waistline are thoughtfully paired with pink crepe, creating an exquisite visual contrast.


  • Blouse: Airy Chiffon with Festivity Adire Print Accents
  • Skirt: Smooth Pink Crepe with Stretch Adire Festivity Print, Fully Lined

Care Instructions: To maintain the outfit’s integrity and detailing, spot cleaning is recommended. Hand wash gently in cold water if necessary, and lay flat to dry, away from direct sunlight.

Cultural Connection: This two-piece set is a celebration in itself, drawing inspiration from the communal joy and vibrancy of African festivities, interpreted into a modern, chic outfit perfect for various occasions.

Style Tip: Elevate the ensemble with sleek stilettos and minimalist gold or pearl accessories to echo the ornamental pearl rhinestones and celebrate the outfit’s festive spirit.


Blouse, Skirt, Blouse and Skirt


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